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ASK 29. Aachener Stahlkolloquium

Materials Science "Steel in Competittion"

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Since it has been founded in 1985, the Aachen Steel Colloquium has developed to an important forum of discussion in the fields of steel production and processing as well as in steel research. The Aachen Steel Colloquium is organized on an alternating annual basis by the Steel Institute and the Institute of Metal Forming of RWTH Aachen University. Every three years, it deals with one of the three topics: Metallurgy, Materials Science and Metal Forming – each in turn.
​This book contains the proceedings for the presentations of the 29th Aachen Steel Colloquium – Materials Science in Eurogress, Aachen from 27-28 March 2014. Under the motto “Steel in Competition”, the following fields are in focus:
· Microstructures Engineering
· Scale Bridging Modelling
· Tailored Solutions
· New Frontiers
This conference is organized by the Steel Institute (IEHK) of RWTH Aachen University under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Bleck.

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Wolfgang Bleck