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Course design is a major factor in the success of any show jumping tournament, and designing a course is a creative and involved task. With this in mind, Arno Gego, FEI Official International Course Designer and cofounder of the Aachen School of Course Design, has compiled the ultimate course designer’s bible, covering everything from the sport’s historical roots to calculating speeds, times and distances, from drawing up a masterplan to addressing safety issues. As a comprehensive guide that aims to inspire as well as educate course designers, the book also features contributions from fourteen of the world’s leading designers, detailing the courses of which they are most proud. Complete with photographs, diagrams and charts, this is an essential book for every professional course designer but will also be of interest to competitors, trainers, judges, stewards and organizers the world over.

Arno Gego has a passionate – though scientific – approach to the equestrian sport. Praised course designer and founder of the Aachen School of Course Design, Arno has conducted numerous courses around the world, supporting the education of the new generation of course designers. This book is a comprehensive manual on course design. It includes not only theoretical and practical information on the construction of jumping courses, but also interesting information on the history, evolution and ethics of equestrian sport.

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Arno Gego

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