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Efficient Bid Preperation in the Construction Industry – How to Win more Bids with less Effort

A Best Practice Report from the CSCCM - Computer Supported Co-operative Construction Managment, ESPRIT Project 22828

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The European construction industry is currently under high competitive pressure and companies are strongly forced to improve their competitiveness. The bid preparation process, which is a non profitable process per se, is a specific area calling for improvement. The ESPRIT project CSCCM – Computer Supported Co-operative Construction Management – aimed to redesign this process. Objective was to demonstrate how modern information and communication technologies can be applied in small and medium companies for optimising the key success factors costs, time and quality. Specific emphasis was given to the improvement of cooperation in the supply chain. This book provides a best practice report from the CSCCM project. It summarises the steps taken and presents the results which were achieved. It provides a practical handbook for small and medium construction companies that aim to improve their bidding process and that want to exploit the experiences made in the CSCCM project. Being written in co-operation by the industrial, software and academic partners, the book aims to cover both the practical and theoretical viewpoint of the project.

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Frithjof Weber